Jacksonville Jaguars QB To Play On Saturday, Despite Being Listed As Questionable

The Jacksonville Jaguars have been on a fantastic run as of late, and while they come into their Divisional Round clash with the Kansas City Chiefs as an underdog, there's no reason to start doubting this team anytime soon.

That is, if they have their young star Quarterback, and after being listed as Questionable for their upcoming clash, many feared he could miss time, but at this point, it's appearing as though his injury is something he's been working through, and won't miss this game for anything.

After an amazing comeback from down 27-0, the Jaguars are riding high and are the feel good story of the NFL, and with Trevor Lawrence stepping up after some jitters to start his playoff career, we may be seeing the emergence of a megastar right before our eyes.

Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports