Positive Update on Buffalo Bills Safety Hamlin

The Buffalo Bills have finally shared some promising news on safety Damar Hamlin. The team announced Wednesday afternoon that Hamlin had shown signs of improvement yesterday and overnight.

Hamlin remains in critical condition and in the ICU, but any progress at all is good news, particularly given the bleakness of the scene on Monday Night Football. The safety collapsed on the field following a relatively innocuous hit from a Cincinnati Bengals player. He required onfield resuscitation and immediate transport to a nearby hospital. The NFL cancelled the crucial AFC contest in the aftermath.

The ramifications of Hamlin's injury have yet to be fully understood, but they could reverberate across the league this season and in future years. The Buffalo Bills may surrender the AFC's top seed and home-field advantage if Monday's game is declared a no-contest. More importantly, fans, players, coaches, and league officials will all have to reckon with the dangers of football and potentially reevaluate safety precautions in the hopes of finding some way to avoid a similar tragedy. 

Photo Credit: © Cara Owsley/The Enquirer / USA TODAY NETWORK