28 NFL Mascots To Look Out For In Week 1

The often forgotten but fan appreciated mascot. 

Sure they don't get a lot of TV time and they can't drive a football down the field like Tom Brady with 2 minutes left in the 4th. 

But they'll happily crush a few hot dogs with you at pre-game tailgates. 

Here are 28 mascots to look for while you kick back and enjoy week 1 football.

Now you might be saying, 

"But wait Joe, there are 32 NFL teams, why only 28 mascots?"

Well that's because the Jets, Packers, Giants, and Washington Football Team are mascot free, and quite frankly, party-poopers. 

"T-Rac" - Tennessee Titans

Here's one of the stranger choices for a mascot. You would think the Titans would opt for something with armour and a few heavy foam weapons. Instead, they have T-Rac, a wide-eyed feline. 

He's quite the entertainer! On most Sundays you can find him zip-lining from the Nissan Stadium roof

"KC Wolf"- Kansas City Chiefs

Yet another strange mascot, we have a deranged wolf representing the Kansas City Chiefs. But KC can certainly bust a move, especially with his 85 inch hips. 

You can find KC dancing, impersonating Elvis, and making all Chiefs fans smile and laugh. 

And get this, KC is also a motivational speaker. The man behind the mask is Dan Meers. He averages over 150 speaking engagements per year across the US. 

"Gumbo" & "Sir Saint" - New Orleans Saints

Gumbo is based on a real Saint-Bernard who used to sit on the sidelines at Saints' games back in the day. Of course the name Gumbo comes from the famous New Orleanian dish.  

Sir Saint is the second official mascot, created under former owner John Mecom. Sir Saint went on hiatus for decades, but was recently revived. 

"Raider Rusher" - Las Vegas Raiders

Taking on the appearance of a bobblehead, the Raider Rusher was created to make the Raiders more appealing to a younger fanbase.  

Raider Rusher is actually a cartoon character from the Nickelodeon series "NFL Rush Zone"

"Miles" - Denver Broncos 

On January 21, 1999, when the Denver Broncos defeated the Atlanta Falcons to win Super Bowl 33, Miles, the team's new mascot, was born in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. 

In fact, there's a triumphant story about his life in the Rockies on the Broncos website.

"Blue" - Indianapolis Colts

I wonder who would win in a race, Blue or Miles? Blue became the official mascot of the Colts in 2006, and for his first official appearance, he went skydiving in Greensburg, Indiana. 

His bio says his favourite movies are Seabiscuit and Blues Brothers, while his favourite songs are Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones and Blue by Eiffel 65.  

"Who Dey" - Cincinnati Bengals

Why is this tiger named Who Dey? Well there is a chant Bengals fans have been shouting since the 80s: 

"Who dey, who dey, who dey think gonna beat the Bengals?"

To which the crowd responds:


"Big Red" - Arizona Cardinals

Big Red became the Cardinals' mascot back in 1998, and he made an appearance at Super Bowl 43 when the Cardinals took on the Steelers. 

"Swoop" - Philadelphia Eagles

Swoop loves being the centre of attention and entertaining the entire Eagles fanbase. 

His bio says he hatched in Eagles Forest, Neshaminy State Park in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. 

And his diet consists of smaller birds like Cardinals, Falcons, Ravens, and Seahawks, washing them down with a cheesesteak and soft pretzels. 

"Steely McBeam" - Pittsburgh Steelers

Before the 2007 season, the Steelers introduced Mr. Steely McBeam as their official mascot. His name was chosen from a pool of 70,000 fan options. 

Diane Roles is the Steelers' super fan behind the name which represents Pittsburgh's industrial heritage. Steely also had a butter sculpture created in his likeness. 

"Freddie Falcon" - Atlanta Falcons

Freddie is Atlanta's first mascot, and he's been entertaining fans for over 35 years. 

According to Freddie's bio, his favourite song is Welcome To Atlanta, and his favourite show is The Secret Life of Birds. 

"Blitz" - Seattle Seahawks

Blitz does his best to entertain the Seahawk fanbase, often jumping from the roof of Lumen Field, flying high with The Blue Angels, and sky diving. 

In his off-time this featherweight loves reading, fitness, and birdwatching. 

"Rowdy" - Dallas Cowboys

Rowdy was originally known as "Big D" and played a role in the NFL Heroes team, which was a league wide mascot program. 

His tenure as mascot overlapped with Crazy Ray, who was the unofficial Cowboy mascot from 1962-2007. 

"Sourdough Sam" - San Francisco 49ers

This is the face of the hardest working mascot in the NFL, according to the 49ers. He is a gold miner that loves to have fun and pump up the San Francisco crowd. 

Why the name Sourdough Sam? Well it's simple, he really loves sourdough bread. In fact, he takes it with him on long days of gold mine digging.

"T.D" - Miami Dolphins

Did you think the Dolphins mascot was Snowflake from Ace Ventura? I know I did. 

However, T.D became the Dolphins' mascot back in the Dan Marino days of 1997, after the Dolphins issued  a nationwide name our mascot contest.

"Sir Purr" - Carolina Panthers

Here's a big stat to kickoff with: Sir Purr leads the NFL in hugs, averaging 451 hugs per appearance according to his bio

And he also has a running rivalry with a feline from Jacksonville, who we'll see later in the list. 

"Viktor The Viking" - Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings actually wrote a really great origin story for Viktor on their site. Basically, Thor encased Viktor in ice at the bottom of Lake Superior, until 2007 when Viktor emerged to join a new viking clan, the Minnesota Vikings.  

"Pat Patriot" - New England Patriots

Pat Patriot is 100% muscle, graduated from a top school in the Patriot League studying American history, and lives by the words "Do Your Job." 

And to top all that off, take a shot at what his favourite holiday is? 

That's right, "Patriot's Day"

"Captain Fear" - Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another mascot with an interesting backstory. Captain Fear was thrown overboard and rescued by the Clearwater Coastguard from choppy Tampa Bay waters. 

His ship washed up on shore, was rebuilt, and docked permanently at Buccaneer Cove. 

"Boltman" - San Diego Chargers

He was never officially accepted by the San Diego Chargers, but Boltman certainly is the unofficial mascot of the team. Behind the mask is lifelong Chargers' fan Dan Jauregui. 

"Chomps"  Cleveland Browns

Let Chomps give you a warm welcome to the Dawg Pound. This 6'1 Labrador's favorite meal is a tie between roasted raven and baked bengal tiger. 

"Rampage" - Los Angeles Rams

Maybe one of the most fitting names on the list, Rampage was introduced as the Rams mascot back in 2010 when the team was still in St.Louis. 

There were more than 1000 names submitted including Archie, Ramsey, Rammer, and Rush. Thankfully the team went with Rampage. 

"Jaxson de Ville" - Jacksonville Jaguars

Here's the feline who Sir Purr from Carolina can't stand. He is a wild cat who loves to interact with opposing team players. 

His antics on the field have lead many to complain about him, including Colts president Bill Polian, causing the NFL to crack down on Jaxson. 

"Billy Buffalo" - Buffalo Bills 

While most buffalos headed west, Billy walked his own path and headed east to Buffalo, NY. He settled in the suburb outside of Buffalo called Orchard Park, NY, the home of the Buffalo Bills.  

He never attended a football game, but once he heard the roar of the crowd and the thunder of the stadium, Billy felt right at home. 

"Roary" - Detroit Lions

This cat holds a few records according to his bio
Most popcorn eaten in one sitting.
Most high fives in a single Lions game.
Most hugs given in a single Lions game. 
Most laughs and smiles caused in one year. 

"Toro" - Houston Texans

Here's a mascot whose favourite vacation spot is Spain, for the running of the bulls. And if you're curious about what cologne he's wearing, it's a special blend called: "FurBreeze."

"Staley Da Bear" - Chicago Bears

Staley Da Bear loves 2 things: Football & Charity. He was introduced by the Chicago Bears in 2003 to entertain fans at Soldier Field.

Outside of the stadium, Staley performs at over 300 events per year. This is one hardworking bear. 

"Poe" - Baltimore Ravens

For those of you who don't know, the entire Ravens franchise is based off of Baltimore native Edgar Allan Poe. 

So it's fitting that their Raven mascot takes his name from the acclaimed writer. 

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