A Young Eli Manning Snuck Into a Bar To Drink With Brett Favre, But Had To Turn Back

We've seen it play out on the big screen hundreds of times. 

A group of youngsters prep some fake ids in hopes of sneaking into a bar to drink the night away. 

Usually it ends in disaster or disappointment, but a young Eli Manning not only got into a Mississippi bar, he also had a chance to drink with one of his idols. 

On this week's broadcast of ESPN's Monday Night Football featuring the Manning Brothers and a slew of guests, including Brett Favre, Eli Manning told a story about how he hopped over a fence, got into a bar, and spotted Favre shooting pool with friends. 

Eli walked over and introduced himself. Favre asked Manning if he wanted to shoot some pool. 

Dream come true right?

The only problem is Manning had a friend who wasn't as keen on fence hopping and sneaking into the bar waiting for him outside. 

"My buddy did not jump the wall with me, he was too scared. So I went out and told him 'Brett Favre is playing pool in here, we're about to drink a beer and play pool with Brett Favre. You gotta jump.' And he would not jump." 

Already showing signs of a budding team player, Manning would leave no man behind, even though he had the opportunity of a lifetime to hang out with his idol.

Manning reluctantly hopped back over the fence and left with his friend, who he still rags to this day. 

The bar meeting happened way back in 1998. Manning was 17 and Favre was 29 and in his prime with the Packers. 

9 years later, the two would meet again, only this time, at Lambeau Field in the 2007 NFC championship game. 

Manning and his New York Giants defeated Favre and the Packers 23-20, moving on to defeat another legendary QB, Tom Brady, and the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl 42. 

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