Carolina Unleashes a Mixed Reality Panther at Bank of America Stadium

The Carolina Panthers got creative with their in-game entertainment after unleashing a giant "mixed reality" panther in Bank of America stadium last Sunday. 

The large panther leaped around the stadium, tearing through the stands, eventually landing on the roof where it tore down the opposing team's flag, the New York Jets. 

This was quite the experience for fans watching on TV.

Fans in the stadium got to watch the giant panther tormenting the field on the Jumbotron. 

The mixed-reality panther must've struck fear into then hearts of the Jets, as the Panthers went on top win the game 19-14, winning their first season opener since 2018. 

While there were plenty of highlights to come out of week 1 football, this panther seems to be stealing the show, earning 5.6 million views on Twitter. 

Jon Slusser and CJ Davis of The Famous Group are behind the mixed reality panther. 

Only one panther animation aired on Sunday, but Slusser & Davis said that other panther animations are in the works. 

This isn't the first time The Famous Group offered their services to the NFL. 

In 2019, the Ravens had their own mixed reality raven swoop M&T Bank stadium to the delight of fans.

And in 2020, The Famous Group used mixed reality to highlight top NFL players ahead of Super Bowl LV. 

Will the Panther make another appearance? Or maybe more NFL teams will join in on the mixed-reality fun. Tune in for week 2 action to find out.

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