Dallas Cowboys QB Admits He's 'Manning Over Brady'

Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott loved watching football growing up but this next piece may surprise you. He's a Peyton Manning guy, and recently admitted it's Manning over Tom Brady for him.

Prescott recently spoke with Jon Machota of The Athletic and opened up about how he wasn't a fan of Brady:

I actually wasn't. I was a Peyton Manning fan, and because of that, you dislike Tom Brady. But it wasn't until I got into college and realized what Tom was doing, the discipline, the focus, everything that it takes for him to be the champion that he is, then I became a huge fan of him. Then obviously over the past few years of him switching teams and his personality coming out and seeing how much of a great teammate he is, it allows me to idolize somebody and to idolize one of the best to ever do it. So it's great to start the season off and have a chance to go beat him and his team.

Nothing like giving Brady, who doesn't need any help, some more motivation to kick your ass in front of the entire league. Prescott and the Cowboys went on to hold their own against Brady and the Bucs on Thursday night and here's everything you missed from a wonderful start to the NFL season:

Photo credit:   David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports