Ravens' Justin Tucker Sets NFL Record With a 66-yard Field Goal in The Week of The Kicker

There are plenty of stories to come out of the NFL in week 3. 

Whether it be the Buccaneers taking their first loss, the Chiefs dropping below 500, or Trevor Lawrence receiving his third straight loss. 

But really, I think we can boil week 3 down to a tale of 2 kicks from Matt Prater and Justin Tucker. 

The former record-holder for longest field goal in NFL history, Matt Prater, nailed a 64 yard field goal against the Titans in 2013 while playing for the Broncos. 

Prater also made a game-winning 62 yard field goal for the Cardinals in 2021. 

Justin Tucker on the other hand, prior to Sunday, made just one 60-yard field goal in 5 attempts. And that field goal came against the Lions back in 2013, where Tucker made 6 field goals to single handedly defeat the Lions 18-16. 

So it's fitting that both these kickers lined up on Sunday to set new NFL field goal records. 

Matt Prater's Arizona Cardinals were taking on the Jacksonville Jaguars. At the end of the second quarter, Prater lined up to take a 68-yard field goal, which would've been the record for longest field goal in NFL history. 

Instead, it ended up being a stellar moment for Jags return man Jamal Agnew. After Prater's attempt fell short, Agnew had the opportunity to run the ball back to the end zone before the end of the half, and he did just that, completing a 109-yard return. 

Instead of Prater setting a kicking record, Agnew tied the NFL record for longest play, and marked the most recent kick-six return since 2018. 

Fittingly in Detroit, Justin Tucker also had the opportunity to make field goal history. 

Baltimore trailed the Lions by 1 point in the 4th quarter with 3 seconds left in the game. Tucker set up on the Ravens' 40-yard line to attempt the game winning kick. 

Justin Tucker is the NFL's most accurate kicker in history, and he did not disappoint, but not without a little drama. 

As the seconds ticked away, the football bounced off the bottom post and spun through the uprights in a kick you need to see to believe. The Ravens won the game 19-17.  

Week 3 delivered one more nail biter, with the fate of the game between the Packers and the 49ers resting on Mason Crosby's foot.

Aaron Rodgers marched the Packers down the field late in the 4th with no timeouts remaining. Crosby was in field-goal position with seconds left, and he booted a 51-yard field goal to seal the 30-28 win for the Packers.