Tom Brady Won His 7th Super Bowl Playing With This Major Injury

Winning 7 Super Bowls in 21 years is hard. 

Winning 7 Super Bowls in 21 years at the age of 43 is harder. 

Winning 7 Super Bowls in 21 years at the age of 43 while playing with a torn MCL is nearly impossible.

But not for Tom Brady. 

Keeping his injury underwraps for nearly 6 months after his win, Brady opened up in an interview on Sirius XM NFL radio to discuss his injury. 

Brady said it’s been a tough offseason for him, going through the rehab process throughout the summer to get himself back in good physical and mental condition. 

Even for somebody who’s been doing it as long as me, it’s always a challenge. I think that’s why I love the sport.

Brady took some time away from the field to rest and regroup, making it difficult to get his body back into shape.

So, you know, I’ve had to push through some different things and even the early part of training camp, just getting my legs under me. Getting my football legs. Again, when it’s 95 [degrees], you’ve got pads on and a helmet, I mean, and you’re reading coverages, and the mental strain, and the day after day, and the sleep.

The big takeaway from this is that Brady made it all the way to Superbowl #7 with a major injury. 

What can we expect from a healthy Brady in his 22nd season?

Well he's already off to a great start, edging the Bucs over the Cowboys 31-29 last night.

Let's see if he can keep up the momentum against the Falcons next Sunday.

Photo Credit: © Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports