2 Players The Houston Texans Won't be Trading

While all of the focus with the Houston Texans is on quarterback Deshaun Watson, it turns out the team isn't open to cleaning house. According to sources, the Texans are interested in moving Watson but not interested in dealing wide receiver Brandin Cooks or left tackle Laremy Tunsil.

This is surprising news since the Texans are 1-6 and only appear to be getting worse. These two players could fetch the Texans a decent return of potential and future assets but at this point it doesn't sound like either will be moved before the November 2nd trade deadline.

Tunsil is one of the best tackles in the game and has been a two-time Pro Bowler. While he's currently on the sidelines with a thumb injury he is expected back at some point later this season. Cooks on the other hand is leading the Texans with 45 catches and 502 yards with one score. He's leading by a mile when it comes to targets for Houston, sitting atop with over 31% of the passes heading his way.

While things can easily change, if they do expect to see Cooks shipped out. There's a ton of interest from the likes of the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills.

Photo credit: Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports