Aaron Rodgers Reveals The One Team He Would Not Play For If He Left Green Bay

Remember when Brett Favre left Green Bay? 

What a tragedy that was. 

The pride of Wisconsin heading over to the Big Apple gave Jets fans something to cheer about, and Packers fans something to mourn.  

Favre's arrival caused the Jets' website to crash and broke the NFLs single day jersey sales record. Every New Yorker wanted to dawn the number 4. 

And although the Jets ended that season with a 9-7 record, missing the playoffs, it happened to be one of the most exciting seasons in New York history. 

However, Brett's tenure in New York didn't last, and he migrated to a fierce Packer rival: The Vikings; and Packer's fans weren't happy about it. 

With his mentor's decision in mind, Aaron Rodgers revealed the one team he would not play for if he left the Cheeseheads, and it's not Minnesota. 

It's no secret Aaron Rodgers might be looking for a new team this off-season. His contract is structured to force the Packers to cut ties with him in 2022. 

And while Rodgers is on the radar for a lot of NFL teams, he revealed one that would not be etching his name onto their jersey any time soon.

That team? The Chicago Bears.

A reporter asked Rodgers about the possibility of heading to the Windy City to play for the Packer's nemesis. Rodgers answered: "No. No. It's not gonna happen, man."  

Rodgers added in a few kind words about Chicago to soften the blow of rejection. 

"I've always enjoyed the city, enjoyed the fans even though they haven't enjoyed me, I get it," Rodgers said.

The Bears were never going to be a realistic landing spot for Rodgers after his time in Green Bay. He will likely be dealt to the AFC, where the Packers won't have to worry about playing against him. 

However, like Favre, Rodgers is free to jump back into the NFC once he becomes a free-agent. And while Chicago is off his radar, he may have eyes for another Packer rival.