Carolina Panthers Head Coach Calls Out Sam Darnold

Show us a good football coach and we will show you a good quarterback. Turns out the latter isn't working out so well for the Carolina Panthers and their head coach Matt Rhule has seen enough. Rhule let starter Sam Darnold hear the noise after his latest underwhelming performance.

The Panthers are currently riding a three-game losing streak and Rhule met with the media on Monday and had this to say about his football team and specifically Darnold:

Sam's not playing well enough, let's start there. That means the offensive line isn't getting it done for him, that means the running backs aren't getting it done for him. Everyone on offense - every receiver, every tight end, every back, every O-lineman - their job is to help our quarterback play well. We are not getting that done. The shame of the game yesterday, to me, when you really go back and watch the game, is we ran the football well. We just have not been committed enough to running it, and that's going to change, I can tell you right now. You'll see a vastly different look from us moving forward. We're not going to line up and drop back and throw it 40 times a game and think that's gonna win the game for us. It hasn't.

After a huge offseason deal Darnold can't stop turning the ball over and the Panthers' brass is getting sick and tired of it. Add in the fact Christian McCaffrey is hurt and the bad news just keeps piling up for the Panthers. Look for the Cats to try and limit the turnovers and run the ball more during their Week 7 matchup with the New York Giants. 

Photo credit:   Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports