Dallas Cowboys Making Surprising Lineup Changes

The Dallas Cowboys don't care about your fantasy team, they are trying to win a Super Bowl. The team is dealing with a wide array of injuries and you can add running back Ezekiel Elliott to the list. 

After Thursday night's matchup against the New Orleans Saints, Elliott felt some more pain in his knee and went to the coaching staff about it. The team is now considering sitting their starting back for a few weeks so he can be 100% healthy for their playoff run.

There's been a bunch of worry throughout the team as this injury has been on their radar for a little while now. Elliott's been playing hurt almost the whole year and his head coach Mike McCarthy wants that to stop:

I am concerned because he's a warrior. He was fighting to get back in there every time, all day yesterday. He gives a pounding and he takes some hits. We need to evaluate that, and this week we'll see what the preparation looks like for him

Look for the Cowboys to pass over the keys to first downs to backup running back Tony Pollard who has steadily seen his workload increase over the course of the season. He's one of the best backups in the league so Dallas is in good hands. As for Elliott, so far this season he's rushed for 720 yards, averaging 4.5 yards per carry. The next few weeks, don't expect to see many numbers rising for the Cowboys starter.

Photo creditJerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports