NFL Rumors: 2022 Salary Cap Expected to be Over $200M

After last season's revenue fallout as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NFL and its salary cap are reportedly set for a quick and quite substantial rebound over the next few seasons.

While the final numbers have not yet been announced, multiple sources are claiming that the 2022 salary cap is expected to reach the $208.2M maximum that was agreed upon earlier this year between the league and the NFL Players Association. Currently this is only speculative but the official and final numbers should be revealed at the NFL's annual labor seminar. 

If believed to be true, this news would mark the first time in league history that the salary cap would clear $200M. It also would dictate a $25.7M increase from this years cap of $182.5M, which was down from $198.2M in 2020. Such a figure would more than double the pace of the average yearly increase that was experienced from 2013 to 2020. 

A majority of the potential roadblocks to profitably have seemingly been rectified at this point concerning the NFL and any pandemic fallout; not a single game has been cancelled this season, stadiums are nearly at full capacity, new tv deals were finalized earlier this calendar year, and local revenues have mostly returned as well. All of these positive reaffirmations in tandem with the league's newly extended 17 game season and expanded playoff brackets all bode extremely well for future profitability and continued financial success moving forward. 

This is really exciting and welcome news for many teams' around the league, some of which orchestrated the equivalent of mathematical gymnastics to remain cap compliant this year, and should definitely make for an exciting offseason. 

Photo Credit © Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports