NFL Rumors: Carolina Panthers Owner Embarrassed He Signed Coach Rhule

Nothing like admitting you made a mistake while the mistake is still very present in the situation. Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper is openly at fault after he's become embarrassed with the contract he gave head coach Matt Rhule.

Rhule was signed back in 2020 to a seven-year deal worth $62-million. Now Tepper is going around and is visibly unhappy and disappointed in his investment. This season has been an absolute mess in Carolina as the team sits at 5-10 after starting the season 3-0.

It's been a rough go lately for Rhule who has been ridiculed by the media surrounding the Panthers. The team lost last week 32-6 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and after the game the head coach mentioned he knows nobody can see it but his hard work is paying off. He then went on to mention Tepper has showed nothing but confidence in his work, sounds like they are not on the same page.

Carolina has failed to end the season with a winning record in five of the last six seasons. You can chalk up 2021 being a failure and it sounds like the coach better get to work or else the owner may end up cleaning up his mistake.

Photo credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports