NFL Rumors: Tom Brady Leaning Towards Retirement

According to multiple reports Tom Brady's decision on his future is expected any day and it's believed he will be retiring from the NFL.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports is reporting he's talked to several sources within Brady's circle and these sources anticipate Brady will likely reveal his future plan in the coming days. Expect an announcement shortly after the Super Bowl as arguably the greatest quarterback in football history doesn't want to upstage the big game and steal the thunder of the two teams involved. La Canfora cites Brady may wait it out until he sees what the Buccaneers can construct for a roster in 2022 but others see the end being near.

After a gut-wrenching loss to the Los Angeles Rams, Brady admitted he's going to step away and take some time to reflect and the most important thing to him is what his family wants from him. It may be time for Dad to be home on a permanent basis.

The kicker in all of this is the fact Brady is at the top of his game regardless of being in his mid-40's. He led the NFL in several major categories and is playing like a fine wine. It won't be his playing abilities that take him out of the game that's for sure. More to come on this developing story.

Photo credit:   Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports