Rob Gronkowski Opens Up About Playing Future, With or Without Brady

After a disappointing loss on Sunday to the Los Angeles Rams, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski was asked about his future in football. While Gronk didn't retire on the spot, or sign his next contract, he left his options open in Tampa Bay and beyond.

Gronk spoke to the media on Monday and had this to say about what next season holds for one of the most popular players in football:

The process is take some time off, recover ... give it a couple weeks and go from there. There could be a scenario like that (without Brady). I'd never throw anything off the board because you never know how anything's going to play out. It was still a very successful season. To win the Super Bowl last year and get back in the playoffs this year is hard ... just proud to be a part of it these last two years

There's going to be a huge spotlight on Brady's future and if he does decide to retire, and then once his decision is made, expect Gronk's to shortly follow. A return to New England would be wild, but we will have to see if that shipped sailed.

Gronk caught 55 passes this season and recorded 802 yards and six touchdowns in his 12 appearances for the Bucs. His next game could be with a whole new team and a quarterback not named Brady for the first time in his career. 

Photo credit:  Matt Pendleton-USA TODAY Sports