Video: Bucs Fan Gets Thrown Down Stairs During Fight

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers kept their hopes to capture back-to-back Super Bowls alive in style this Sunday with a 31-15 victory over the visiting Philadelphia Eagles.  Tom Brady was his usual spectacular self, completing 29 of 37 passes for 271 yards and 2 touchdowns, and the defence pitched in with 2 interceptions.  The game wasn't even as close as the final score suggests, as the Bucs led 31-0 heading into the 4th quarter, so by the time the Eagles made a 2-point conversion to make it 31-15 with 4:45 left in regulation time, there wasn't a lot of suspense.

Off the field, however, there was quite a bit of drama going on between Eagles and Buccaneers fans, including multiple videos showing a man in a Bucs jersey being thrown down a flight of stairs before a brawl ensues:

It's never a great idea to get into a fight when there is a big gathering of people around, as there are simply too many variables.  Add in the fact that you are a fan of the opposing team in another city's home arena, and that's just borderline crazy.  

For their efforts, the Eagles fans responsible caught a good-old-fashioned whooping, seen here:

Photo Credit: © Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports