Washington Football Team Announces New Team Name Amid Leaks

The Washington Football Team was formally known as the Washington Redskins from 1937 to 2019 before finally deciding to change the team name after years of controversy and backlash over the name, which is an offensive term for a North American Indian.  For the past two seasons, they have simply operated as "The Washington Football Team" until a suitable replacement was found, which we got a little sooner than we were expecting thanks to some loose lips and some eagle eyes.

First, we had former Washington quarterback and league MVP Joe Theismann speaking on The D.A. Show about how he feels about the name Commanders, almost as if he is oblivious to the fact that it hasn't been officially revealed yet:

Host Damon Amendolara can hardly contain his joy when he confirms "You like the Commanders as the new team name, huh?", and Theismann just continues giving his reasoning behind why he thinks the name fits.  

As if that wasn't enough evidence, The Score uploaded a video on their Instagram that appears to reveal a banner inside FedEx Field adorned with COMMANDERS on it:

No official word yet, but they might as well just come out and announce the team name now.  Unless of course, this is simply the greatest decoy of all time and Washinton's front office just wants to test out one of the new names to see what the public reaction is before pivoting to one of the other candidates.

Probably not, though.

UPDATE: Washington has confirmed officially that the team will be known as the Commanders moving forward:

Photo Credit: © Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports