Buccaneers Arians Retiring From Coaching, Moving to Front Office


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Bruce Arians have announced that Arians is retiring from coaching, and will be moving to a front-office position within the organization. Bucs defensive coordinator Todd Bowles has been named as Arians' replacement. 

According to an article released on the Buccaneers website, Arians will be transitioning to a Senior Football Consultant role in the teams front office. In a statement from Arians himself, the now former-head coach explained his reasoning behind the decision. "The simple answer is that I have accomplished more than I have ever dreamed." The full statement can be seen here:

Now 69-years old, Arians began his coaching journey in the NFL all the way back in 1996, after being hired as a Tight End Coach for the New Orleans Saints. He bounced around the league, finding work as a quarterback and wide receiver coach, as well as an offensive coordinator, before landing his first head coaching job in 2013 with the Arizona Cardinals. With his coaching career now ending after a 3-year stint with the Buccaneers, Arians managed an impressive 80-48-1 record in his time as a head coach in the NFL, which includes a Super Bowl win in 2020.

As for his replacement, Arians noted that another strong factor in his retirement was the incoming replacement in Todd Bowles. Bowles, who has served as the defensive coordinator alongside Arians in both Arizona and Tampa Bay, was the perfect candidate in both Arians and co-owner Joel Glazer's eyes. "I wanted to ensure that when I walked away Todd Bowles would have the best opportunity to succeed," Arians said. 

Bowles' elevation to the head coaching position also marks the 4th Black head coach in Buccaneers history, 2 more than any other franchise. In terms of his contract, the Buccaneers are voiding the remaining two years on his current contract, and signed Bowles' to a new, 5-year deal earlier today, according to Adam Schefter.

For those interested in what Arians meant to his players and the rest of the NFL, look no further than Tom Brady's Instagram, as the quarterback of Arians Super Bowl-winning team left him a very heartful message.

Photo Credit: © Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports