Cleveland Browns Backup QB Is Ready To Play

With the settlement reached by the NFL and NFLPA to conclude Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson's cases of multiple sexual misdemeanors, Watson will be set to miss 11 games this season. Browns backup signal-caller Jacoby Brissett seems like the most likely candidate to start in place of Watson until he can return in week 13. 

Although when Browns general manager Andrew Berry was asked during his Thursday press conference if Brissett would start for them to begin the season, he did not give a clear answer, but did state the confidence the organization has in him. 

Cleveland has reportedly not been pursuing the likes of Jimmy Garoppolo at this time, which further instills their faith in Brissett, who said on Friday that he is "excited for the opportunity." 

The 29-year-old also noted that his leadership style of being "genuine," and doing things with "intent" helps players gravitate to him more.  

Brissett, who was selected by the New England Patriots in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft, has significant starting experience so far in his career. He played two seasons for the Indianapolis Colts (2017, 2019), and started five games for the Miami Dolphins last season. 

Brissett has a record of 14-23 in games that he has started in, with 36 touchdowns to 17 interceptions for his career, and 7742 total passing yards. 

Photo Credit: © Jeff Lange / USA TODAY NETWORK