Forbes Releases List Of Most Valuable NFL Franchises In 2022


Forbes has just released its list of most valuable NFL franchises, ranking each team from 32-1, and while the majority of them won't surprise you, there's a few that you may not expect, as well as a record set by one of the NFL's biggest teams. Coming in at #1 is the Dallas Cowboys, who officially become the first NFL franchise to be worth $8 Billion, marking the 14th straight year that the Jerry Jones owned franchise has been atop the list.

Other teams in the top-10 include teams in the two biggest markets in the US: New York Giants and Jets sitting at #4 and #7 respectively, while the Rams come in at #3 behind the New England Patriots, worth a whopping $6.4 Billion after a 20-year dynasty led by Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. 

Several teams outside the top-20 include Kansas City, Indianapolis, New Orleans and Tampa Bay, while teams like the Washington Commanders (#6 at $5.6 billion) and Houston Texans (#11 at $4.7 billion) come in way ahead of them. 

Ultimately, this doesn't equate to success on the field, as two out of three of the last Super Bowl winners rank outside the top-20, but it does go to show how valuable a big market is, as well as an owner who's willing to put his life into a franchise, like Jerry Jones has done for the Cowboys over the last 30 years.

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports