Indianapolis Colt Takes To Twitter Against Detroit Lions Back

 We have reached the point of training camp/pre-season where now most teams are participating in joint practices during the week, and after several teams ended up brawling with each other, it's safe to say that tensions are high and the weather is hot. Most times this happens, smaller altercations become large ones, like we saw with Carolina and New England this past week, but sometimes, an individual battle can lead to... taunting on Twitter?

Yes, as the Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions were taking part in joint practice, videos of a few reps surfaced between Colts linebacker Zaire Franklin and Lions running back Jamaal Williams, who clearly got under Franklin's skin during their battles. The video, posted by NFL Films has come out with three reps: two pass protection reps and a coverage rep shows a fairly even battle, and even despite this, plus the obvious hold on the pass route, Franklin took to Twitter to label Williams a 'bum'.

The callout divided the Twitter audience, as some claimed that Williams held his own, and potentially won 2/3 of the reps, while others stood by the Colts linebacker, but either way, it's a strange way to flex during training camp.  No matter what your thoughts, this just makes one thing more clear: football can't come quick enough, so we can see players like this duking it out on the field, instead of drills during training camp that carry no real consequence. 

Photo Credit: Junfu Han / USA TODAY NETWORK