Lamar Jackson Seeking Huge Contract Upgrade

 We've seen several QB's get big time contracts over the past few years, and with the Ravens Lamar Jackson due for a new contract soon, we've been hearing plenty about what he would like to receive from the team that drafted him in 2018. Since these reports first came out, both Deshaun Watson and Kyler Murray have received massive pay days, and now that we are just one season away from his rookie deal running out, Jackson has used these contracts to figure out exactly how much he'd like to get paid. 

It's now being reported that on his next contract, Jackson would like 'more than Murray', and the Ravens are willing to pay that, but unfortunately the deal is being held up because No. 8 would like his entire contract guaranteed. 

Given the guaranteed money given out in the two deals mentioned above, it's not a ridiculous ask, because over the course of his career so far, he's missed very few games and proven to be reliable, dependable and downright electric when he's on the field. Plenty are quick to criticize Jackson and his play style, and while he's yet to prove that he can carve an opposing defense in the playoffs with his passing, his regular season play puts him in an elite category, up there with the likes of Murray and Watson, so it's hard to say that he doesn't deserve a big contract. 

In 4 seasons at the NFL level, Jackson has accounted for almost 13,000 yards while adding 105 Touchdown's, and for someone who didn't start until half way through his rookie campaign, that's awfully impressive. Only time will tell whether Baltimore will give Jackson a fully guaranteed contract, but at this point, given where the QB market is going, it wouldn't surprise anyone if we see a record guaranteed contract in the next few months.

Photo Credit: Joe Rondone-Arizona Republic