Las Vegas Wide Receiver Says Former QB Is Still The 'Best QB In The NFL'

When the Green Bay Packers traded Davante Adams to Las Vegas this off-season, many thought that there was potentially bad blood between him and the only starting Quarterback he'd known throughout his NFL career, but his latest comments show that there is still love between Adams and A-Rod. While speaking to the Pivot recently, Adams gave Rodgers the highest possible praise, even as he reunited with longtime friend and great QB in his own right, Derek Carr.

"He's the best quarterback, in my opinion, to play this game," Adams said of his former teammate. "He had the Michael Jordan effect. ... He's gonna make you play better ... just by being on the field." 

A lot of people are ready to crown the younger guys like Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen and Justin Herbert as the best QB in the NFL, but after back-to-back MVP awards, it's safe to say that for now, Rodgers remains the best Quarterback in the league. He's going to have to be every bit of that in 2022, as he has a distinct lack of weapons compared to other big names, but if he can drag this team through to the playoffs and put up similar numbers to recent years, it will solidify his place as the best in the game, and one of the best to ever do it. 

Photo Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports