New York Jets Rookie Already Making Waves

When the New York Jets were on the clock at No. 4 in the 2022 NFL Draft, there are plenty of directions they could have gone, as upgrading their offensive line and defensive line were both genuine possibilities, but in the end, they settled on confident cornerback, Sauce Gardner out of Cincinnati. Throughout training camp, he's flashed his personality and insane physical tools, and is quickly becoming a fan favourite, and through two pre-season games, there seems to be a trend already occurring around No. 1.

Sauce was touted as a shut down No. 1 corner from the day he entered the draft, and through two pre-season games, we've seen that Sauce has been targeted exactly 0 times, and while he may not always be facing elite level QB's, it is telling that he has such a presence around him already.

Gardner may never grow to be as good as Revis Island in New York, but fans and people within the Jets organization have been raving about his crazy combination of length, speed and athleticism, and his swagger may be a huge part of the Jets reviving the winning culture in the Big Apple. Only time will tell if Sauce can live up to the hype, but through his college career into his early NFL days, there's been nothing but good reviews on him, so Jets fans are hoping he stays in New York and leads this young defence for years and years to come. 

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports