NFL Season Preview: Buffalo Bills

The Buffalo Bills have set themselves up nicely for a deep playoff run in 2022, and if this squad can stay relatively healthy, they have a chance to be one of, if not the best team in the entire NFL. There's plenty of tough competition in the AFC, mainly from the stacked AFC West, so a Super Bowl run os never going to be easy, but with elite talent on both sides of the ball, it's safe to say that Bills Mafia is expecting big things in 2022.


This Bills squad is full of positives, but the main two that stick out are the utterly stacked defensive line, as well as having arguably the best Quarterback in the entire league in Josh Allen. If they all satay healthy, the Bills QB is going to light up any defence he sees, even the best of the best, while their D is going to be an absolute headache week in week out for opposing QB's. Looking up and down this team, they may not be elite in every unit, but there's no glaring weakness, and that spells trouble for the AFC East and any team the Bills encounter in 2022. 


On a team this stacked from top to bottom, there are very few negatives, and right now, the only one for this team that comes to mind may be the weight of expectations, as this team is heavily favoured as the Super Bowl favourite in the AFC. Josh Allen has shown a great ability in the clutch as he's grown as a QB over the past few years, so this may not hurt too much, but in the past, plenty of teams have wilted with a mountain of expectation on their shoulders.

Team MVP

It goes without saying that teams often live and die by the success of their Quarterback, and in no case is this more obvious than with the Buffalo Bills, who may have the league MVP running their team in 2022. It's the obvious choice, but Allen has been amazing over the past few years, and continues to improve each season, and if it continues even close to that level in 2022, he's no doubt going to be the team MVP, while he's at the very least a finalist for league MVP.

Record Prediction

It goes without saying that the Bills should dominate the AFC East in 2022, and with their schedule, should conservatively be looking at a minimum of 12 wins. If they play to the best of their ability and get off to a hot start, a record of 13-4 is the prediction for this year, paired with a long playoff run that ends with a good shot at winning the franchise's first Lombardi Trophy. 

Photo Credit: Shawn Dowd / USA TODAY NETWORK
Photo Credit: Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports