NFL Season Preview: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers are now about to finally find out what life after Ben Roethlisberger looks like, as they have a Quarterback battle going on with Mitch Trubisky and Kenny Pickett to settle that, but beyond that, this roster looks incredibly physical, talented and well put together, and we could be looking at the 2022 AFC North Champions. While we can't get ahead of ourselves, this is a very good team who's been used to success under Head Coach Mike Tomlin, and if they can get the best out of whoever their QB is in 2022, Pittsburgh are going to be very good, and very tough to beat on any given day.


The Steelers have reigning Defensive Player of the Year TJ Watt back again in 2022, and with Minkah Fitzpatrick leading the secondary, this is a defence that doesn't look like it has many holes, as they can pick a QB off just as quick as they can put him on the ground. The Steelers don't just excel on the defensive side of the ball however, as they've got a receiving core with Diontae Johnson, Chase Claypool, rookie George Pickens, as well as Pat Freiermuth and Najee Harris, giving them balance and plenty of strike power on both sides of the ball. 


We've laid out the scenes of a balanced, dangerous team, and the only thing that could hold this team back from becoming elite in the AFC is the Quarterback situation. The Steelers drafted Kenny Pickett in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, and he's currently in competition with Mitch Trubisky, and unless either of them can step up and consistently make plays, all this potential could fall by the wayside. Both men have talent, and have played well in the pre-season, so Mike Tomlin has good options on his hand, but if neither of them can make plays for this team, then it's going to be a strange, disappointing season for the Steelers. 

Team MVP 

TJ Watt was the Defensive Player of the Year in the NFL in 2021, with 22.5 sacks, tying a single season NFL record, and it was the defence that led this Steelers team, so in 2022, it should be absolutely no different. There's so many weapons on both sides of the ball for this team, but Watt is the biggest X factor among them all, and if he can come anywhere near last years sack total in 2022, this team will be dominant. Najee Harris is expected to carry the load and take pressure off whichever QB will be under centre, but it's Watt that provides the biggest impact, and by years end, it wouldn't shock anyone if we saw a back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year.

Record Prediction

The NFC North is full of solid teams, all looking to punch their ticket to the postseason in 2022, but all 3 of the other teams have a glaring weakness. In Pittsburgh, they aren't perfect, but the roster looks very good, and if they can get off to a hot start, this team should be able to win 10 games on the year and take the NFC North crown, and while they may be a step or two behind the elite level teams like Kansas City and Buffalo, they're in with a shot in the playoffs. 

Photo Credit:  Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports