NFL Season Preview: Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans were the best team in the AFC a year ago, but after trading away their top weapon in AJ Brown and another year of wear and tear on the body of Derrick Henry, 2022 is going to be a very interesting one for this team. They still remain in the AFC South with two terrible teams, so there's a potential for them to go on yet another run, The defence looks good without being amazing, and while this team will compete for a playoff spot in 2022, Titans fans should prepare for a setback, as the rest of the AFC has gotten immensely stronger over the past few months. 


The biggest positive for this team is that both sides of the ball are still very solid, and then you have Derrick Henry, who's become an absolute beast in this system over the pats few years, and who can certainly lead this team with his physical style of running the ball. This team isn't as dynamic as it has been in the past few years, but with some young names on the outside, they could be a fun team to watch, and Malik Willis may be one for the future to keep a very close eye on. 


The biggest negative for Tennessee is their decision to trade AJ Brown, and replace him with a rookie that may or may not be good from the off, putting more pressure on Derrick Henry to carry this team on his back. We know Ryan Tannehill is a good QB, but unfortunately for the Titans he's not an elite one, and with a lack of weapons on this outside, this team could become one dimensional, and that hurts their chances of repeating as AFC South division Champions. 

Team MVP

We've seen other players step up and have good campaigns over the past few years, but no one for this Titans team has been as consistent and dominant as Derrick Henry, and given the lack of wide receiver help on the outside, that should continue in 2022. Even when the opposing defences know that Henry is coming at them, he's so physically gifted that it's still a problem to bring him down, and while he may not lead the entire NFL in rushing, this team is going to live and die by the success of Henry. 

Record Prediction

The Titans ran away with the AFC South a year ago, en route to the best record in the AFC, but given how much the entire conference has improved, while the Titans roster has seemingly gotten worse, that won't be the case again in 2022. They're not a bad team, but are mostly average across the field, and if Derrick Henry can't be at his best, they'll struggle, but if he can be as good as we all know and expect, this team should leave 2022 with 8 wins, unfortunately not enough for a playoff spot. 

Photo Credit: George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK
Photo Credit: George Walker IV / / USA TODAY NETWORK