Panthers QB Makes Massive Statement Ahead Of Week 1

As we all know by now, the Cleveland Browns made the decision to trade for, and give a huge extension to Deshaun Watson this off-season, knowing what he'd potentially done and that he would miss a lot of time, and that must have felt like a slap in the face to Baker Mayfield, the only man to lead this franchise to the playoffs in two decades. Last week, Myles Garrett said in an interview that it was just business, and nothing personal between Mayfield and the Browns, who matchup in week 1, but Baker apparently doesn't see it the same way.

Mayfield told sideline reporter Cynthia Frelund that "I'm going to f--k them up", and after the way Cleveland dealt with one of the franchise's most successful Quarterbacks, it's hard to blame him for having this mentality. With Christian McCaffrey, DJ Moore, Robby Anderson and other weapons around him, Mayfield is capable of having a great season, and that starts Week 1 in Carolina, where Panthers fans will no doubt be in support of No. 6.

In Week 1 of what may be the most intriguing NFL season of all-time, this is just one of many huge matchups to watch, but if Baker fuels the fire like this some more, it's safe to say that this may be the one game for NFL fans to watch in two weeks time. 

Photo Credit: David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports