Raiders Wide Receiver Accomplishes Amazing Feat

We often see some amazing things on an NFL field, with feats of athleticism, strength, toughness and mental fortitude all being on display every single weekend, and while the pre-season is a chance for players on the fringe of a team to impress, these feats become no less impressive. While Isaiah Zuber is a name that few, if any NFL fans around the world will know, and he may not make a big impact with the Raiders in 2022, he did manage an amazing feat in their final pre-season game, recording both a catch and an interception in the same game.

While it may have come against the Patriots lowest string players, as it occurred in the 4th quarter of the final pre-season game, but for a wide receiver fighting for his life, getting his name out there like this is never a bad thing, especially when you show off the hands that he did.

Ultimately, this may not matter too much, as Zuber is likely to be cut over the coming days, or spend his time on the Raiders practice squad, but if he can keep making plays like this in practice and maximizing his moments when he gets them, he'll certainly make a name for himself at the NFL level.  

Photo Credit: Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports