UFC President Dana White Drops Huge NFL Bombshell During UFC 278

 Dana White, the President of the UFC is probably the last person you'd expect to be dropping an NFL bombshell, but during the UFC 278 event on Saturday night, he did just that while talking to the Gronkowski family. White, a resident of Las Vegas clearly wanted the Raiders to make a huge splash when they first transitioned from Oakland, and according to him, he helped put a deal in place that would bring the superstar Quarterback-tight end combination to the Raiders. Unfortunately for fans of the silver and black, then Head Coach Jon Gruden nixed the idea. 

"It was almost a done deal, and at the last minute, Gruden blew the deal up and said that he didn't want him, and all hell broke loose," White said. 'It was crazy. Brady was already looking at houses. It wasn't being said yet that Gronk was coming. So Las Vegas would have had Brady and Gronk the year that the Bucs won the Super Bowl, except Gruden blew the deal up." 

Gronk himself confirmed the news, and if we didn't know before now, it gives an answer to the famous Tom Brady quote where he told HBO Sports about a team that was interested but pulled out at the last second, followed by that lines 'you're going with that mother------?'

Given that Brady and Gronk would go on to lead Tampa Bay to a Super Bowl in their first season down in Florida, it's even more baffling as to why Gruden would pass on the Hall of Fame duo, and while that's not the reason he's no longer head coach, that's the type of decision that should stop people from coaching at the NFL level. It's easier to say that now, as many believed Brady was near done when he finally reached free agency, but it's a decision that may haunt this Las Vegas Raiders franchise for quite some time. 

Photo Credit: Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports