Bills Coach Confirms Safety Should Play In Season Opener

The NFL has scheduled one of the biggest possible matchups of the regular season for the opening Thursday of the year, and after Rams coach Sean McVay has confirmed his star cornerback and two running backs are good to go, Buffalo Bills coach Sean McDermott has taken his chance to confirm the same. While McDermott didn't take his chance to say star safety Jordan Poyer would be 'good to go', he did say that he'd be very surprised if Poyer couldn't play on Thursday. 

That's as much of a guarantee as you can get, and as a defence, when you have to deal with the likes of Cooper Kupp, Allen Robinson, Darell Robinson, Cam Akers and the rest of this team, with Matthew Stafford leading the way, you certainly need all hands on deck.

Buffalo and Los Angeles are seen as the two heavyweights in the NFL, and we very well could be seeing a preview of the Super Bowl on the first night of the season, and considering all the moves to be made at the deadline, this isn't even as good as it will get. Ultimately, this game on its own won't mean much, but when you take into account how much confidence this could build for either team, it becomes vital, and with both teams confirming the health of several players, it's going to be a barn burner.

Photo Credit: Shawn Dowd / USA TODAY NETWORK