Cleveland Browns Change Their Midfield Logo

The Cleveland Browns are certainly an interesting franchise, who had one of the most wild off-seasons in recent memory, but unfortunately, the feature some of the most basic and boring uniforms and logos in the league, as their logo is often just a helmet. Today however, the team has made a unique change, and while it's not going to be very popular among neutral fans, it's certainly interesting, and spices up the look of the team, even if its just at home games.

The end zone of their home stadium will still feature the basic logo, but after a fan poll, the Browns fanbase has decided that 'running Brownie' will be the midfield logo for the 2022 season, set to be unveiled in Week 2 against the New York Jets. 

This is the first time since 2016 the Browns have switched it up, and considering how bland the rest of the logo and uniform is, it's hard to say that the fans have got this wrong, as it may take some getting used too, but the midfield logo looks great, and is something completely unique from the rest of the NFL.

Photo Credit:  Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports