Panthers Running Back Added To Injury Report

The Carolina Panthers are used to having Christian McCaffrey on the injury report, but after two solid games to begin the 2022 season, they were no doubt hoping that he could remain healthy for the rest of the season, as they look to compete in the AFC South. Today unfortunately, he was placed on the report for an ankle injury, but thankfully for Panthers fans, it appears he'll still play on Sunday as the team matches up with their division rival in the New Orleans Saints.

McCaffrey has been added to the report due to lingering stiffness, but it appears he'll continue playing this week, so while it may not be noteworthy for other players, it's definitely something to keep an eye on for a player that's been injured so often in recent years.

In Week 2, McCaffrey put up almost 150 all purpose yards, with 102 yards rushing, and while he hasn't hit his explosive best yet, Panthers fans have to be happy with the production early in 2022. It remains to be seen whether he can play 17 games in a season and help the Panthers in their division battle this season, but despite being on the injury report twice early in the 2022 season, he appears to be relatively healthy, so here's hoping it can stay that way. 

Photo Credit:  Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports