Ranking The Top 5 Running Backs In The NFL Ahead Of The 2022 Season

The running back is one of the NFL's most versatile and important positions, and with so many stars in the league ahead of the 2022 season, there's going to be so many amazing players that week in, week out show how good they can be. The position is so tough and volatile, that a player can be top of the league one week and struggling the next, but whether it be due to their speed, elusiveness, power or just an all around game, there are some that just stand out above the rest, and today we are going to look at the 5 best running backs in the NFL ahead of the 2022 NFL season. 

5. Najee Harris

Najee Harris has only had the one season in the NFL, but behind a great Steelers offensive line, it was absolutely incredible, as he was able to put up almost 1,500 all purpose yards and 10 Touchdown's, and with a receiving core this good, he's going to help make this Steelers offence an elite one in 2022. He's apparently put on weight ahead of the 2022 campaign, and with more power, Harris' sophomore campaign will establish him as one of, if not the best backs in the game, and should help a great Steelers team to another AFC North division crown. 

4. Nick Chubb

In 4 seasons with the Cleveland Browns, Nick Chubb has been as consistent as any back in the league, putting up just over 4,800 yards on the ground, and with the 11-game suspension for Deshaun Watson to begin the 2022 season, they're going to rely on him even more. Even with Kareem Hunt on the team, Chubb is the dominant force that makes this Browns team go forward, and with 39 Touchdown's in 4 seasons and his prime still ahead of him, we could see Chubb establish himself as the single best back in the game in 2022, especially if he can keep Cleveland in a playoff spot until the return of Watson. 

3. Dalvin Cook

Dalvin Cook is one of the most overlooked players in the NFL, as he's been the heart and soul of the Vikings offence since arriving in the league, putting up over 6,300 all purpose yards and 42 Touchdown's in 5 NFL seasons, including his rookie campaign which limited him to just 4 games. When healthy, Cook is arguably the best in the entire game, and if Minnesota as a team can stay healthy with stars at running back and receiver, this could be a dark horse Super Bowl team in 2022, but the man that makes the offence tick is still the 2017 second round pick, Dalvin Cook.

2. Derrick Henry

Over the past three seasons, Derrick Henry has been by far and away the best running back in the league, as teams have stacked the box against him time and time again, but with so much raw strength and power to go along with athleticism, it just hasn't mattered. Injuries held him back in 2021, as Jonathan Taylor went on an MVP level rampage, but with King Henry back to full health ahead of 2022, it wouldn't surprise anyone if he stepped onto the field once again and dominated grown men like they were absolutely nothing. 

1. Jonathan Taylor

While most positions require more than one year to be crowned No. 1 in the league, the freshness on the legs actually help a running back, and after breaking out in 2021 with his whole future ahead of him, Jonathan Taylor easily comes in at No. 1 in 2022. In just two seasons in the NFL, Taylor is just short of 3,000 rushing yards, with 29 Touchdown's, as well as almost 700 yards receiving with another 3 trips to the end zone, and with so much of his future ahead of him, and all the physical tools it takes to succeed at the NFL level, Taylor is again going to dominate in 2022. 

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