Steelers Star Goes Down With A Pec Injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers have an eye on an AFC North Championship and a Super Bowl run in 2022, but if they want to get there, they'll need their whole compliment on both sides of the ball healthy, and today, they have potentially taken a huge hit on the defensive side of the ball. Star linebacker T.J. Watt, who tied the single season record for sacks in 2021 was looking to get off to a hot start this season, and the defensive unit certainly did that, but late in regulation, he and the Steelers may fear the worst.

Watt went down with what seemed to be a pec injury, and unfortunately for any Steelers fans watching and T.J. himself, he mouthed the words "I've torn my pec" as he was helped off the field and to the locker room. Watt is becoming an absolute star in the NFL, and after winning Defensive Player of the Year, he's key to any potential Steelers success in 2022, so hopefully for Pittsburgh and Watt's sake, his diagnosis isn't correct.

This divisional matchup has been dramatic enough, but no one ever wants to see another player injured, and if T.J. did indeed tear his pec, he would miss a long period of time, and that wouldn't be good for Pittsburgh or the game of football itself.

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports