Vikings Receiver Believes He'll Be No. 1 In The NFL By The End Of 2022

In just two seasons, Justin Jefferson has solidified himself as one of the best receivers in the entire NFL with over 3,000 receiving yards and 17 Touchdown's already, and he's been challenged by QB Kirk Cousins to continue looking for more, and to not be someone that fades after starting his career off hot. It's clear already that he has the talent and the drive to be fantastic, and if he keeps this up, it's safe to say that Jefferson is already on his way to being a legendary receiver.

According to Justin however, he's got lofty goals in the immediate future, as he says that his motivation for 2022 is not only to help the Vikings to a Super Bowl, but to take the crown that many believe Davante Adams holds right now as the best receiver in the league. He admits that he's not quite there yet, but that is a goal for the season ahead, and if Cousins and Jefferson can both stay healthy, there's no reason why he can't go over 1,500 yards with plenty of scores.

The 'best' at anything is always subjective, so it's hard to know when Jefferson will be satisfied, but if he continues to make his goal to chase a Super Bowl and be the best receiver in the NFL, he's going to go on to have a long, fruitful career in the league.

Photo Credit: Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports