Amazon To Stream Black Friday Game

The NFL will continue its concerted effort to make football synonymous with the holiday season. Beginning in 2023, Amazon will host an exclusive NFL game stream for Black Friday at 3 p.m ET on the Friday following Thanksgiving.
The move follows the debut of Thursday Night Football as a Prime Video exclusive this season. The NFL and Amazon are clearly pleased with the partnership so far, and the new game could prove a holiday staple going forward.

The NFL has long dominated Thanksgiving, playing yearly games in Detroit and Dallas for decades and even adding a third game to primetime in 2006. They've also made strides to turn Christmas day into a major event in the league calendar: they've scheduled three consecutive games for the holiday this year. 

Adding a game to Black Friday is perfectly consistent with the NFL's quest to provide event content whenever families come together. Typically, the day has been reserved for major College Football confrontations, but the NFL no longer appears inclined to stay out of the way of other major sports leagues. The NBA used to claim Christmas as its exclusive domain, and now it has 11 straight hours of football to compete with. College football should count itself lucky. 
Photo Credit: © Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports