Bengals Activate Rookie Cornerback From Injured Reserve

The Cincinnati Bengals may have started the 2022 season slow, but after back-to-back losses, they've won their last two games, and with a big divisional matchup on Sunday Night Football against the Baltimore Ravens coming up, this could be a game that really sets up another successful season for the young Bengals. 

This team is known for its incredible offensive group, led by Joe Burrow, Joe Nixon and the amazing Ja'Marr Chase, but the defensive has done a more than solid job in 2022, and this week, they're getting a bit of help, as Cincinnati are activating a 2022 second-round pick from Injured Reserve. That comes in the form of Cam Taylor-Britt, the four year player at Nebraska, who was taken at No. 60 overall in 2022, and while he's not expected to be a stud right off the bat, there is plenty of optimism around him in Cincinnati. 

It's unclear yet whether Taylor-Britt will play a big role in the divisional matchup with Baltimore, but his arrival after suffering an abdomen injury and being placed on IR has been timed well, and if he can contribute, this is a team that is seemingly going to continue going from strength to strength as the year rolls on.

Photo Credit: The Enquirer-USA TODAY Sports