Broncos Linebacker Ruled Out With Knee Injury

Thursday Night Football has been a mixed bag thus far in 2022, and unfortunately for the fans, Week 5 was on the down side, as the Colts and Broncos are playing what one can positively categorize as a very boring game of football. On top of that, both sides are going to leave this game with injury concerns, as the Colts have lost their starting running back and centre, and now, the Denver Broncos have suffered an injury to a very essential part of their linebacker group.

Unfortunately, Josey Jewell, who may not be a household name, but is a solid piece for the Denver Broncos, left the game with a knee injury, and very quickly thereafter, was ruled out for the rest of the night, in what is becoming one of the most injury-riddled seasons in recent NFL memory.

The Broncos are hanging on to a 9-6 lead right now, with two offence's that are struggling to put any offence whatsoever together, and if this continues, you have to think the NFL would be disappointed in their decision to give Denver so much primetime football. Either way, Jewell will be evaluated in the coming days, and for a promising young player, we hope that it isn't the worst news possible.

Photo Credit:  Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports