Chargers Kicker Leaves With Injury, Returns To Make Kick

The Los Angeles Chargers are locked in a tight battle with the divisional rival Denver Broncos on Monday Night Football, and while the game will play a key role in deciding the AFC West and potential AFC Wild Card spots in 2022, it's still very early in the season. Russell Wilson looks to be bouncing back nicely in a solid battle of top tier Quarterbacks, but at half time, it's Chargers kicker Dustin Hopkins that is perhaps the biggest story. 

After grabbing the back of his leg following the first kick of the day, it looked like, for all intents and purposes, you could put a line through Hopkins for the rest of the day, but like a warrior, he entered the game again for another kick, which showed off just how tough he is.

A lot of criticism is sent the way of kickers for not being tough and not being 'real football players', but tonight Hopkins displayed true grit and toughness, and with the Chargers down by 3 at the half, there's a chance that he may be needed again, so keep an eye on this situation.

Photo Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports