Colts Star Linebacker Ruled Out With Concussion

The Indianapolis Colts finally got their star linebacker returned to the field in Week 4 ahead of a crucial matchup with the Tennessee Titans, but as quick as Shaquille Leonard returned to the field, he was taken off the field with a concussion issue, and now the team has officially ruled him out for the rest of this contest. With a Thursday matchup ahead and the drama surrounding Tua Tagovailoa this past week, it's also highly unlikely for this team that their defensive leader and four-time All-Pro that he'll be back in just 5 days time.

This is devastating news for the Colts and Leonard, who had off-season back surgery that he finally returned to the field from, and it's just clear at this point that bad luck is going to follow the superstar linebacker around. 

The Colts are in a battle with their division rival, and if they can survive this, the season is still alive with plenty to play for in the AFC South, but if they come up short and lose Leonard for yet another week, it's certainly going to be a very tough season for this promising Colts team, who are set up to succeed in the AFC.

Photo Credit: Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK