Dolphins Quarterback Exits With Concussion Symptoms

The Miami Dolphins were already without their starting quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, and now they'll be without his primary backup. Second-string quarterback Teddy Bridgewater went down early in the first quarter of the team's Week 5 loss to the New York Jets and was quickly ruled out with concussion symptoms.
Interestingly, Bridgewater appears to be an early subject of a new concussion protocol implemented by the league in the wake of fellow Dolphin Tagovailoa's frightening injury on Thursday Night Football in Week 4. Bridgewater apparently passed the tests administered by the onfield doctors but was ruled out by the independent spotter. 
Given Bridgewater wasn't diagnosed with a concussion, it's possible he isn't looking at an extended absence. Still, his unavailability this week quickly sunk the Dolphins' prospects against the Jets, resulting in a crushing 40-17 loss in a game they were initially 3-point favorites to win.

Should the new concussion protocol be similarly stringent in protecting players, the NFL could see a lot more surprising and crucial absences in major games. If fans and the league truly care about player safety, it may be a necessary sacrifice.  
Photo Credit: © Kevin R. / USA TODAY NETWORK