Jets Dominate NFL Network's List Of Top Rookies

Throughout any NFL season, one of the most enjoyable parts as a fan is to look around the league and see how rookies are adjusting to the league, which ones are disappointing, which ones are surprising, and if any are just flat out dominating, and after four weeks, the NFL Network decided to compile all of that into a list of the top-25 rookies so far. While the names many expected are there, it's the domination of the New York Jets rookies that may surprise people, as they have four names on this list, as they've racked up a 2-2 record thus far in 2022.

No. 1 is the most notable, as it comes as no surprise in the form of No. 1, Sauce Gardner, who's proven he can already be an elite cornerback, and through four weeks, it's very clear that one day, he will be regarded as the best cornerback in the entire league. Next is Garrett Wilson at No. 5, who has quickly become the Jets No. 1 receiver, and after a 2 TD performance against the Cleveland Browns, he's set up for long and short term success.

Then we have Breece Hall, who comes in at No. 8, and despite the fact that the Jets have Michael Carter, a second year back also on the team, Hall is clearly taking over the starting role, and after scoring the winning Touchdown in Pittsburgh, it may be sooner rather than later. Finally, Jermaine Johnson, who comes in at No. 18, and while he hasn't seen a major role so far in 2022, he's flashed elite level play, and as his role expands, he should rise up a list like this.

Sure, four weeks into the year isn't enough time to predict how rookies are going to pan out, but all of the Jets top-four draft picks have been great thus far, and if it continues, it could one day be regarded as the teams best draft haul in history. 

Photo Credit: Michael Longo/For USA Today Network / USA TODAY NETWORK