Saints Rookie Not Expected To Play In Week 6

The New Orleans Saints have the talent to compete with anyone in the NFL, but so far this year, they've had a problem with keeping all their talent on the field, and that won't change in Week 6, as on top of both Michael Thomas and Jarvis Landry being declared inactive, the team is now expected to be without breakout rookie Chris Olave as well.

This would be tough for any team with a healthy starting Quarterback, but the Saints don't have that either, as Jameis Winston will miss his third straight game, meaning that veteran Andy Dalton will be out there with a severe lack of weapons as the team go out to battle the Cincinnati Bengals at home.

Through five weeks, Olave has been every bit as good as advertised coming out of Ohio State, perhaps even better, with 25 catches for 389 yards and 2 Touchdown's, putting him well in the race for Rookie of the Year. The Saints have to confront the Michael Thomas health issue one day, and with Olave balling out, there's a good chance he becomes the teams No. 1 going forward, and as he continues to develop, we may be looking at a star of the future.

Photo Credit: Peter van den Berg-USA TODAY Sports