Seattle Announce Possible Schedule Change For Week 6

Seattle have two very enjoyable teams to watch in 2022, with the Seahawks, despite their 2-3 record playing much better than anyone expected, and on Sunday, there is the potential for the two teams to be playing at the exact same time. The Mariners are 0-1 in their American League Division Series with the Houston Astros, but if the series does indeed go to four games, the Mariners would be in line to host a game, which would directly conflict with the Seahawks division battle against the Arizona Cardinals. 

The Seahawks battle with Arizona is currently schedule for 4:05 ET, but if the Mariners can take the series to four games, the game would be delayed until 5:30 ET, giving the people of Seattle a full day of fantastic sporting events.

The Seahawks, behind Geno Smith have been a great offensive unit in 2022, and if he continues this play, with the weapons he has on the outside, this team has a genuine shot at making an NFC Wild Card run in 2022. The Mariners have also been a fantastic team, ending their 20+ year playoff drought, and if they can take the series four games, and potentially even further, this could be one of the most enjoyable years in recent Seattle sports memory. 

Photo Credit: Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports