Steelers Rookie Leaves Game Due To A Potential Head Injury

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been an absolute mess so far in 2022, with a 1-4 record coming into Week 6, and while they're locked in a battle with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers right now, they'll need to battle for their second win of the year with veteran QB Mitch Trubisky, as he has now come in for the rookie Kenny Pickett, who was hit hard and is now being evaluated for a concussion, which has been a big issue around the league lately. 

Pickett has been doing his best since making his first appearance against the New York Jets a few weeks ago, but with such a struggling offence, there hasn't really been much he can do to get this offence rolling, especially while being obliterated by the Buffalo Bills a week ago. 

While Pickett was having a solid start to the game, with an 11/18, 67 yards and 1 TD with 0 Interceptions, he was unfortunately hit very, very hard, and now, Trubisky will be the QB this team leans on to get their season back on track. Given everything happening around the league lately with concussion, it could be highly unlikely that Pickett returns, and if it is a concussion, we hope he can recover quickly and safely. 

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports