These Three Free-Falling Teams Traded Their 2023 First-Round Picks

Three teams made aggressive, win-now moves this past offseason to position themselves for immediate success, and they may end up paying steeper than expected prices. The New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos, and Cleveland Browns all traded away their 2023 first-round picks, and all find themselves 2-5 through seven weeks.
The Saints traded their 2023 first to the Philadelphia Eagles in a complicated package to move up and draft offensive lineman Trevor Penning 19th overall. Penning has yet to play a snap for the Saints after suffering a preseason turf toe injury.

The Browns traded their 2023 first to the Houston Texans, among many other draft picks, to acquire controversial quarterback Deshaun Watson. Watson is presently serving an 11-game suspension due to over 20 accusations of sexual assault.

The Broncos traded their 2023 first along with multiple picks and players to acquire quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks. Wilson has gotten off to a rough start so far with the Broncos, leading them to a 32nd ranking in points scored through seven weeks.

All three teams should be experiencing varying degrees of buyer's remorse. The Saints' move was needlessly aggressive, and they didn't even get a quarterback out of it. The Broncos may find themselves committed long-term to a 34-year-old quarterback who can no longer produce. The Browns have attached themselves to one of the league's most polarizing players, but at least it's still possible they could benefit from his play down the line.

As for the teams on the receiving end of those trades, they must all be delighted with the season's results so far. The Eagles are the last remaining undefeated team, and they appear in line for a top 10 2023 draft pick. The Seahawks and their quarterback Geno Smith have thoroughly outplayed Wilson and the Broncos. The Texans... well, the Texans should have a very nice draft pick coming their way. 
Photo Credit: © Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports