Bears Acquire Young Wide Receiver

The Chicago Bears have been improving immensely in recent weeks, and much of that has to do with the improved play of young Quarterback Justin Fields, who has been using his legs and arm to great success in recent weeks, and after trading away Roquan Smith and Robert Quinn, many expected them to completely punt on acquiring talent during the 2022 season. Today, they proved that wasn't true at all, as they have sent a second-round pick to the Pittsburgh Steelers in order to get Fields some help, as they received young wide receiver Chase Claypool in a deal.

Claypool was the target of much trade speculation in recent times, but many didn't expect the Steelers to actually move him, but when a second-round pick was on the board, they appear happy to acquire a future asset, especially with the emergence of rookie George Pickens. 

Pairing Claypool with Darnell Mooney and their two solid running backs gives the Bears offence a solid foundation, and with plenty of picks and $100 million in cap space, they are in a good spot for the 2022 off-season, but now have more talent to compete in 2022. Claypool has 311 receiving yards and 1 Touchdown so far in 2022, but now, with Chicago, he'll become a key piece for this offence, and may finally see him break out like many have expected in recent times.

Photo Credit: Rich Storry-USA TODAY Sports