Bears Quarterback On Pace for Record-Setting Season

The Chicago Bears are 3-7 through 10 weeks of the regular season, but they have one big reason for optimism when it comes to their future. Quarterback Justin Fields has taken a big step forward in his second year, emerging as one of the league's deadliest running quarterbacks. In fact, he may go down as the deadliest running quarterback of all time. With his 749 rushing yards, Fields is on pace to break the record for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a season.
At 74.9 yards per game, Fields is on pace for 1273 rushing yards this year, topping the record of 1206 that Lamar Jackson set in his 2019 MVP season. Fields is also getting it done at 7.2 yards per attempt, narrowly besting Jackson's 6.9 mark.

Of course, more goes into quarterback play than running the ball. Jackson also led the league in passing touchdowns and managed an exceptional 113.3 passer rating in that historic season, lifting the Ravens to a 14-2 record and the top-ranked scoring offense. Fields isn't nearly as far along as a passer, sporting a modest 86.4 passer rating through 10 weeks.

For now, Fields' running is a spectacular and exhilarating novelty. The Bears are 3-7 and rank 20th in scoring, after all. Either he'll need to add to his game or the Bears will have to better position him for success if he's going to achieve the heights that Jackson has.
Photo Credit: © Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports